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Gummed Tape Dispensers

Gummed tape dispensers are the easy and efficient way to apply gummed paper tape to make a strong, tamper-evident seal on cardboard boxes and cartons. Our versatile electric dispenser takes reinforced or plain tape of up to 70mm width, and neatly produces consistent cutting by means of a self-oiling heavy duty blade. Even extra large cartons are easily sealed with gummed tape dispensers because the automatic system can be set to generate lengths of up to 3.05m. Ergonomically designed and with fully programmable controls, our gummed paper dispenser improves the packing process and is ideal for high volume use.
£1,240.00 ex VAT (£1,488.00 inc VAT)
No of Packs 1+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £1,240.00
Pack Quantity: 1
This gummed tape dispenser is the perfect partner for your gummed paper tape. Its automatic feature, which allows you to set specific tape lengths (up to 305...
Automatic gummed tape dispensers with water chambers speed up packing when you need to seal a large number of cardboard boxes – of all sizes – with paper tape. The machine moistens, dispenses and cuts the tape in the most efficient and exact way. This sealing method has become increasingly popular with high-volume businesses because it is economical, durable and secure. When the gummed paper is activated by water, it blends with the fibre of the cardboard to become an integral part of the box. This means the tape will leave traces of damage once removed – giving it a useful tamper-evident feature. Gummed paper tape withstands changes in humidity and temperature, so is perfect for sealing export shipping boxes. It is also an environmentally-friendly packaging option since it is completely biodegradable.

Designed with safety and convenience paramount, our electric dispenser is heavy duty and can be operated from both sides. It comes with a convenient extra-long detachable electric cord and is simple to mount on a work bench.  The operator has complete control because the required tape length can be fine-tuned in 12.7 mm segments up or down by programmable keys. For total flexibility a random length key also gives you the option to dispense any length desired.  Either plain or reinforced paper tape, up to 70mm wide, can be used in this paper tape dispenser which has a self-oiling blade that quickly and neatly makes consistent cuts.
Electronically programmable gummed tape dispensers will save you money by avoiding wastage and will save you time because they are user-friendly and effective.
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