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Grey Polythene Envelopes / Bags – Self Seal

Our grey plastic mailing bags offer an ideal postal packing solution for many different items, including magazines, pamphlets, clothes and other non-fragile direct mail goods - especially as they are waterproof! Stronger than paper envelopes, these Mail Tuff polythene mailers come in a wide range of sizes, including extra large mailing bags, and are made from top quality material to ensure the protection and security of your items.

The self-seal polythene envelopes resist tears and punctures while the grey colour shields the contents from view during mailing.

Because they are lightweight, they help keep down postage costs, too.

Made of Mail Tuff polythene, which means they are stronger and more durable than the conventional paper envelope, our range of grey polythene mailing envelopes and mailing sacks offers you a superb packaging solution. Convenient to store and easy to use, these polythene mail bags have a handy peel-and-seal self-adhesive closure and a surface that is easy to write on or stick labels to.

Our grey mailing bags have high resistance to water, punctures and tearing, while the self-seal adhesive strip acts as a tamper-proof feature, so they give all-round security and protection.

Being among the lightest of mailing bags, which saves on postage, these polythene envelopes can be considered one of the cheapest packing solutions available in view of their strength and flexibility. If this were not enough, they come in a variety of sizes and do not leave any harmful residue so are an ecologically sound packaging choice.

Whether for personal or business postal needs, our grey polythene mailing bags / envelopes have already become a popular mailing staple.



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