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Eco-Friendly Boxes - Reinforced Cardboard Boxes / Cartons

These eco-friendly boxes are the answer if you are looking for economical sustainable packaging that’s also highly protective. Our LOOP reinforced single wall cardboard boxes are cleverly designed to be almost as strong and just as reliable as traditional double wall cartons – but using less board. In addition they are fully biodegradable boxes made from 100% recycled materials.

Offering a professional and environmentally responsible packing solution, our eco-friendly boxes with reinforced corrugated fluting come in 6 convenient sizes for posting or storing a wide range of items. Most are height-adjustable too, giving you even more versatility and cost-savings.

£18.75 ex VAT (£22.50 inc VAT)
£19.25 ex VAT (£23.10 inc VAT)
£32.75 ex VAT (£39.30 inc VAT)
£40.80 ex VAT (£48.96 inc VAT)
£35.50 £28.00 ex VAT (£33.60 inc VAT)
£49.50 £44.25 ex VAT (£53.10 inc VAT)
The standout feature of these eco-friendly boxes is the specially designed reinforced corrugation which makes the single wall cardboard almost as strong as double wall but with the benefits of costing less and using fewer resources – making them an obvious sustainable packaging choice.

What Makes These Recycled Reinforced Boxes Great

Made from 100% recycled material, this totally recyclable packaging provides top quality protection at low cost and is available in 6 useful sizes, 5 of which are height-adjustable. You can customise the height simply by folding down the sides along pre-scored creases and cutting down the corners. Our reinforced boxes are supplied fresh and clean with a smooth Kraft surface easy for labelling or marking. The flat packed boxes are convenient to store and quick to assemble, with integral lid flaps on top for taping shut – ideally with our environmentally friendly paper tape.

The LOOP packaging range offers excellent alternatives to plastic packaging 

With many businesses seeking to use greener products, we have introduced our LOOP range to help you reduce your use of non-recyclables and plastic. LOOP products are designed to meet the twin requirements of reliability and sustainability.  Not only are they 100% recyclable, they are also mainly or totally made from recycled materials.These sustainable boxes are an excellent example of our LOOP range. Their reinforced fluting makes them highly protective and strong enough for reuse; they are biodegradable; they also use less material in production than standard double wall cardboard, thus reducing CO2 emissions in manufacturing and distribution, and the amount of material to be recycled or go landfill.   

With years of experience in custom packaging we offer a solution from concept to delivery for all business sectors 

You can rest assured that our eco-friendly boxes give you a reliable all-round sustainable protective packaging solution at an affordable price, both looking good and doing their job. Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost you the earth, nor does going greener mean you have to compromise on practicality or appearance.
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