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Large Aircap Bubble Wrap in Rolls

Our large bubble wrap is great for cushioning items that are delicate and fragile and is also ideal for filling larger voids in packages. Our large Aircap bubble wrap is strong and flexible, conforming to the shape of the product, and being non-abrasive is ideal for wrapping oddly shaped or very fine items.

Our large bubble wrap packing has a long shelf life and is reusable. It is clean and lightweight, cutting down your posting costs, but strong enough to safeguard your parcels from knocks and bumps. An added bonus is that our bubble wrap is fully recyclable.

No need to worry about wrapping and packing your small and fragile goods as our large bubble wrap is especially designed to keep those items in the best condition whether in storage or transit. The large bubbles in the bubble wrap packing provide an excellent cushioning protection, protecting your items from bumps and shakes.

Ourlarge bubble wrap is supplied in rolls, available in 6 different widths and lengths:
  • 300mm x 45m (5 rolls per pack)
  • 500mm x 45m (3 rolls per pack)
  • 600mm x 45m (2 rolls per pack)
  • 750mm x 45m (2 rolls per pack),
  • 1200mm x 45m (1 roll per pack)
  • 1500mm x 45m (1 roll per pack)

Our Aircap bubble wrap is barrier coated so it retains the air cushion better than other brands, and it’s strong and flexible too. Large bubble wrap is also ideal f



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