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Mini-Pak’R Mobile Fill

The Mini Pak’r mobile fill cart gives your cushion packaging process even more flexibility by allowing you to attach your air pillow machine to the specially designed trolley with storage bin and wheel it where required.

The system is ideal for any mailroom or warehouse with decentralised packaging or where space is at a premium. Using the Mini Pak’r mobile fill saves space and time, as your Mini Pak’r bubble wrap machine automatically restocks the bin with packing air bags, inflated on demand in various sizes/configurations from a choice of five different rolls of film.

* MiniPak'R Machine and Film Rolls sold seperately.

* There is currently a lead time of 7 days on this item.

£610.00 ex VAT
£732.00 inc VAT
Pack Quantity: 1,

Product Description

Our innovative Mini Pak’r mobile fill cart is a simple yet highly effective means of improving efficiency and ergonomics in areas where goods are packed for shipping. It is the perfect addition to the Mini Pak’r air cushion machine, an on-demand inflatable packing system which already provides smaller traders with affordable professional quality protective packaging and void fill.

Now you can attach the machine to the cart and move it where needed, with the machine filling up the integral storage bin with air cushions. A sensor in the bin automatically starts and stops the inflation process, and the inflated bubble wrapping is presented on the packing station, with the sliding arm above the bin, so that the packer does not have to bend down to collect the packaging pillows.

The Mini Pak’r mobile fill has a strong metal structure but is light and easy to move.  It is sized 780mm (length) x 580mm (breadth) x 800mm (height).

* MiniPak'R Machine and Film Rolls sold seperately.


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